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Words are cool -- that is until they're not. 

I'm a digital content manager who has spent the past decade devising successful audience growth strategies. I craft killer resumes, create effective digital branding campaigns and develop eye-catching websites.

Let me help.  


My design process focuses on boosting your experiences while harnessing industry research to craft a powerful resume that gets you through the keyword crawlers and on to that initial phone interview.



Are you looking to launch or expand your digital brand? I can get you started. In addition to building or optimizing your website, I can craft a powerful social media strategy to grow your audience and execute a digital competitive analysis.  


A master with words, I take time to understand your goals before crafting content. From professional bios to doctoral projects and even books, no edit request is too big and none is too small. Words are the fabric that bind our lives. I ensure yours express what you want to say in a  meaningful way.




I got the position!!! I owe it all to you!! Thanks for your help! One of the guys told me the cover letter... highlighted the qualifications so good along with the opening that I blew the competition away

M. Francis



Current, and previous, clients

My Work


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To every person who has ever said ‘the words are in my head trying to escape”...I feel you.


You see, I LOVE words. I am obsessed with grabbing just the right phrase, crafting the perfect sentence structure —writing a great work that speaks your truth and uses your voice.


I am a Columbia University Journalism School Grad who has spent the past decade devising content strategy and audience growth for various websites. But words will always be my first love. I relish in transforming “OK copy” into a power resume, confident cover letter, eye-catching homepage. And I do it all with a smile.


Let me fix the words in your life.


Thanks for reaching out! I can't wait to talk to you.

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